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What is TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop connects sellers, buyers, and creators across the platform. We enable our worldwide community to discover more of what they love with an engaging and efficient shopping experience.

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Our teams

TikTok Shop is available in multiple countries and

has global teams in six key functions:

Data Science

The Data Science team focuses on metrics development, algorithm improvement, data infrastructure, and data product development. They enable informed decision-making and help optimize the performance and effectiveness of TikTok Shop.

Governance and Experience

The Governance and Experience team is responsible for ensuring a safe marketplace for buyers, sellers and creators. Through risk detection and promoting sustainability within the e-commerce ecosystem, they provide high quality content and products to all.


The Operations team plays a crucial role in onboarding sellers, driving and empowering business growth, enhancing user experience, and ensuring efficient operations and sales support. To better serve local customers, our operations teams are based locally in different markets.


The Product team provides product solutions for buyers, sellers, creators, and partners. They ensure a consistent app experience through product features, systems, strategy, and education.


The Strategy & Analytics team conducts market, industry and competition research, assists the business teams to complete global planning, and supports resource management to ensure operational efficiency. They focus on empowering business growth at all stages of development.

Supply Chain and Logistics

The Supply Chain and Logistics team is vital in ensuring a robust, efficient infrastructure that drives business growth and enables global connection. They provide planning guidance and logistics strategy assistance to existing businesses, helping them optimize their operational efficiency.

Why join us?

TikTok Shop is a rapidly growing team with opportunities for professional growth. Apply and embark on a rewarding journey where innovation and success go hand in hand.

Create to inspire

TikTok Shop transforms the digital shopping experience by seamlessly integrating content and e-commerce within the platform. TikTok Shop offers a unified and efficient shopping experience for both users and merchants.

Our approach to e-commerce is innovative. Leveraging recommendation mechanisms and user behavior, we provide a discovery-driven, personalized shopping experience. In creating an e-commerce ecosystem that combines shopping with live streaming, your contributions can set new industry standards and push the boundaries of what's possible in e-commerce.

Build fast together

At TikTok, we embrace an "Always Day 1" mindset. We prioritize team accomplishments while continuously iterating. We embrace change and stay humble – growth requires adaptability and agility. You will collaborate with global teams, making a lasting impact on the business and on your own career path.

Being a part of the TikTok Shop team allows you greater exposure to our business while challenging you to step outside your comfort zone. Our culture of open communication fosters freedom of expression and the confidence to implement new ideas.

It's an exciting time to join the TikTok Shop team for individuals eager to leave their mark on the industry.

Visit the careers site and explore opportunities with us!

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